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Julienne Irons was born and raised in West Orange, NJ. There has always been something within her, driving her to perform…a deep desire to get on stage, connect and make people watch. She never knew that acting was an option until her parents took her to see a performance of 'Mama, I Want To Sing'  at the Heckscher Theatre in New York City when she was just 9 years old. There was something so magical about that play and it lite a fire that remains in Julienne's heart to this day keeping her motivated and moving forward. In high school Julienne was a member of the drama team and competed at various competitions around New Jersey. Before graduating she took a young filmmakers course at Montclair State University and New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. After finishing both programs her mind was made up. She was going to apply to Tisch and if she didn't get in she would give up acting and work towards something more "stable". The universe heard her call and responded. Julienne attended Tisch where she received her BFA in Drama. After graduating she worked on various independent New York based films and after a few years hitting the pavement on the busy New York City streets, Julienne felt the warm weather and laid back vibes of Los Angeles calling her name. She's had tremendous luck since moving, her most recent accomplishments being  co-star roles on The Rookie, LA's Finest, Mayans M.C., S.W.A.T, Get Shorty, The Orville, Atlanta, For The People, How May We Hate You, and a re-curing co-star on How To Get Away With Murder where she got to work with the lovely Viola Davis and Laura Innes. She has also worked on national network commercials and has had series regular roles in a few independent web series which she is very proud of. Julienne is also a creator and is currently working on a pilot called BLERD (Black Nerd). There is so much for Julienne to look forward to and she is extremely excited to share all her success with you so stay tuned! The best is yet to come…...

Expect Beyond What Is

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